Kodi for PC Windows Download – Official

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For those who haven’t heard about Kodi as of yet, know that it is one of the greatest media playing apps around. It also serves as an online media streaming app. It is a very versatile app with a truckload of features. We are going to learn every bit about the app in this article on Kodi for PC Windows Download.

Kodi is primarily a media player and it allows you to watch videos, play music, listen to the radio, and even view pictures. There are many ways in which you can use the app and we will discuss that later on. The main focus of this post is how to get the app on the Windows Platform.

In the upcoming section, we will teach you how to download and install Kodi for PC Windows. You will also get to know about the app’s features. So let’s start without wasting any time.

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Kodi for PC Download

Kodi for PC Windows Download

Kodi for PC is a great and popular app and it has been around for almost 15 years now. Over the time, the developers made it available on nearly all the popular platforms so that users form every one of those platforms can use it. That means it is also available for the Windows platform.

And the good thing about all this is that Kodi for PC is available for free. You don’t have to pay even a single penny for it. The download and installation method is really easy. There are primarily two methods to do this. So, let’s get started and see how it is done.

Method 1: With Installer file

This method is for Windows XP and 7 users.  In this method, we’re gonna use the setup file to install Kodi on Windows. The setup file is available on the official website of the app for free.

Kodi on PC Download

  • First of all, open a proper browser on your PC, preferably Chrome or Firefox.
  • Then enter this URL in the address box and hit OK, or simply click on it: https://kodi.tv/download/849
  • This link will redirect you directly to the download page.
  • Click on “Installer(32-bit)” and it will begin the download process.
  • After the download is done with, go to the downloads folder and double-click on the Installer file.
  • Press Yes on the Prompt which comes after that. This will open the Kodi for PC Setup Window.
  • Click “Next” and then on “Agree”. Again, click on “Next” two times and finally the “Install” Button will appear.
  • Check the “Do not create Shortcuts” window, or not, doesn’t really matter.
  • Finally, click on Install and the setup wizard will start the installation of Kodi for Windows.

The installation will take some time but it will be over in a minute or two. Once the installation is complete, click “Finish”. If you have checked the “Run Kodi” box, then the app will automatically open. Let’s move on to the next method.

Method 2: Microsoft Store

This method is relatively easier than the previous one. Fortunately for Windows 8 and 10 users, the app is available on the Microsoft Store.

How to install Kodi for Windows

  • Open the Windows Store on your PC. If you don’t know where to find it, use search feature from the Taskbar.
  • In the store, click on the search box and type Kodi in it. Hit “Enter” to see the results.
  • The app will be the first app in the results. Click on it and it will open the app’s page.
  • You will see the “Get” button. The app is free, so you will be able to install it easily.
  • Click “Get” and the download will start. Once the download is complete, Windows Store will automatically install the app on your PC.

That’s it. You will find the app’s icon on your home screen or you can find it from the search menu.

These were the two methods of installation to download and install Kodi for PC. The first method works on every Windows PC, but it is the only option for Windows 7 users. The second method is better suited for Windows 8 and 10 users.

Features of Kodi for Windows

Kodi for PC is a wonderful media player and it has a user base and a large community forum as well. It has won many awards over the year because of the features it provides to the users. Besides, it has been 15 years in the making, so we can expect that it has evolved a lot in the past couple of years. Below are all the features that you get to enjoy with Kodi on PC.

Kodi on Windows Features-min

  • You can play media from your local storage and from cloud storage as well.
  • Adding media folders in the app is really easy. You can play media like audio, video, and even radio.
  • Kodi for PC even allows you to play media from external storage like pen drives, SD Cards, and external hard disks.
  • The app can play the majority of all formats available in the market. It can easily play video formats like MPEG 1 to 4, H.263, HEVC, and almost all of the others that you throw at it.
  • Talking about audio formats, it can play AIFF, MIDI, AAC, AAC+, SPC, and a lot more without even breaking a sweat.
  • You’d be surprised at the full list of formats that it can play. You can be sure that you won’t even have heard about some of the formats before this.
  • Kodi on Windows can also play media from digital sources like BluRay, DVDs, CDs, etc.
  • One great thing about this app is that you can hundreds of add-ons. These add-ons let you watch online streams from sources on the internet.
  • According to the Add-on, you can watch Movies, TV Shows, Animated Shows, Anime, Sports, News, and even Live events.
  • You can also change the appearance and interface of Kodi on PC with the help of skins and themes.

This was the list of features of Kodi for PC. And of course, the list doesn’t end here because there is so much more you can do with it. You can find that all out once you start using it.

With this, our post on Kodi for PC Windows Download ends here. I hope that you have understood the download and installation procedure pretty perfectly. If you need further assistance, then you can contact us at Kodi Tutorials.