Kodi 16.0 APK Download – Official

Kodi is an open source media player from the XBMC foundation. They developed it for the Xbox originally, but with time, they made it available for various platforms. The version before the latest one was Kodi 16.0, Jarvis. It had some major improvements which we are going to see now.


Kodi 16.0 APK

As it was a major update and a transition from 15 to 16, there were some huge improvements.

  • Images resources support for multiple skins and add-ons.
  • Add the Date in Music library.
  • Improved image resizing to improve quality.
  • Fixed DVD menu problems.
  • Navigation fix in EPG grid.
  • Fixed render crashes for Windows.
  • Fix accidental button presses with long press feature.
  • Improved tag scanning in MOOD.
  • Fix for saving settings.

Apart from these, there were many more updates and features in Kodi 16.0 APK. Get the APK from here. This version also changed the interface of the app and performance. For the full changelog and queries, go to Kodi Guides.