Kodi 17.2 APK Download – Official

Among all the media players that I have used until now, Kodi is the best. It has a ton of features and you can get it for free. It has gone through many updates and the current one is version 17-Krypton. Kodi 17.2 APK had a lot of cool improvements and we are about to see what those were.

Kodi 17.2 APK

  • Alternative methods for checking updates on Windows.
  • Also a fix for wake-up command in PVR.
  • Fixed handling of grips causing erratic behavior.
  • Fixed a possible security flaw.
  • Setting minimum version in the code.
  • It also automatically deletes empty database files.
  • Gesture command for backing out of fullscreen.
  • Also, use the proper font for subtitles.

Moreover, if any new issue comes up, there are a lot of developers working on the app to make it better. With new features and fixes in every version, the app just keeps getting better. If you have any issues with Kodi 17.2 APK, go to Kodi App Guides.

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