Kodi 16.1 APK Download – Official

For anyone looking to have a taste of a great media player, we recommend they try out Kodi. It is, without doubt, one of the most popular and amazing media players in the world. It has gone through some major updates and Kodi 16.1 APK is one of them.

Here are some of the improvements made in the 16.1 version.

Fixes and Improvements:

Kodi 16.1 APK

  • Fix not working key presses.
  • Possible lockup prevents when entering EPG.
  • Fix a problem on Zero-conf Brower.
  • Repair render capture on some hardware.
  • Fixed rendering problems.
  • Fix video chapter skip in some cases.
  • No crashes while using DXVA and VAAPI.
  • Fix crash issue in Mac OSX.

Developers had to make these improvements due to some bugs that appeared out of nowhere in the final release of version Kodi 16.1 APK (link). Besides, the app became more stable and they also added some more features on top of it. Contact us at Kodi Apps for any queries.

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